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Trans Bay

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Trans Bay

September 2007 - Prysmian Group has been awarded a contract for the design, supply and installation of a high-voltage DC submarine link between Pittsburg and San Francisco (California - USA), by Trans Bay Cable LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Babcock & Brown.

The TBC project is of strategic relevance to the development of the San Francisco Bay region where the demand for power is constantly increasing. The project is designed to transmit electrical power and provide a dedicated between the East Bay, which has excess electrical capacity and transmission grid congestion, and the electrical transmission and distribution facilities in San Francisco.

TBC is a cost effective, energy efficient solution, addressing San Francisco’s needs for additional transmission capacity, while improving transmission reliability and load serving capability. In addition, it has the potential to allow for the removal of in-city generation facilities thus eliminating related air emissions. Prysmian installed the submarine cables and the optical fibre data transmission cable with its own cable-laying ship, Giulio Verne. Both the submarine HVDC and land cables required for the link were produced in the Italian plant of Arco Felice (Naples).