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Connecting Sicily to the Italian mainland


December 2009 - Prysmian has been awarded a major contract by Terna Spa Rete Elettrica Nazionale to develop the extra high-voltage submarine power link between Sicily and the Italian mainland, interconnection of strategic importance for the development of the entire national power grid.

The Prysmian contract, which is worth €300 million for the supply of a “turn key” cable system, involves engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of two 380kV alternate current cable circuits between the Villafranca Tirrena (Sicily) and Scilla (Calabria) power stations. The total power transmission capacity of the new link is 2,000MW

The link and all of the related works make the Sicilian power grid’s connection with the mainland’s more secure by making energy exchanges easier with consequent and evident benefits in terms of reducing constraints on electricity market operators and of stimulating competition. The link is also particularly important as it fosters the development of power generation from local renewable sources. 

“We are proud to be making the experience and know-how of our Group, a worldwide leader in this sector, available to an enterprise of such strategic importance for the country," stated Valerio Battista, Prysmian’s Chief Executive Officer. "The project is among the most technologically complex ever carried out in view of the particular geography of the area concerned." 

The cable runs approximately 38km underwater and 5.4km on land, of which 2km is in Sicily and 3.4km in Calabria. The system, comprising more than 260km of cable in total, consists of single core cables of different types and cross-sectional areas depending on the installation conditions along both the submarine and land routes.