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Organizačné zložky

Kľúčové prvky našich úsekov energetiky a telekomunikácií

Organizačné zložky

Koncern Prysmian Group je činný v oblastiach vývoja, konštrukcie, výroby, dodávok a inštalácií širokého spektra káblov na rôzne druhy použitia v oblastiach energetiky a telekomunikácií.

V odvetví energetiky sa koncern zameriava na skupiny zemných a podmorských silových káblov a prenosových systémov, špeciálnych káblov na rôzne priemyselné účely a stredno- a nízkonapäťových káblov pre stavebný priemysel a infraštruktúru.

V odvetví telekomunikácií vyrába koncern káble a príslušenstvo na prenos hlasu, videa a dát, pričom ponúka kompletné portfólio optických vlákien, optických a medených káblov a systémov pre spojovaciu techniku.

The Energy business is divided into the following business areas:

  • Utilities - Prysmian engineers, produces and installs high and extra high voltage cables for underground and submarine power transmission directly from power stations or offshore wind farms to the primary distribution grids. The solutions offered include the most advanced "turnkey" submarine cable systems for installation at depths of up to 2,000 metres, possible thanks to the "Giulio Verne", one of the largest and most technologically advanced cable-laying vessels in the world. Through Global Marine Energy and the "Cable Enterprise" cable-laying vessel, the Group also offers high value-added services for the construction of submarine power lines particularly serving offshore wind farms, for which Prysmian Group has the technology to supply wind turbine, inter-array and export cables, along with a full range of services, from project management to cable installation, jointing and protection. In the field of power distribution, the Group produces medium voltage cables and systems to connect industrial and residential buildings to primary distribution grids and low voltage ones for power distribution and the wiring of buildings. The product range is completed with network accessories and components to connect cables and other network elements.
  • Industrial - The integrated cabling solutions proposed by the Group constitute the most comprehensive and technologically advanced response to the needs of a wide variety of industrial sectors.
    • Renewable – Active in the wind and solar energy markets, Prysmian Group produces connections for offshore wind farms, with the technology to supply both wind turbine and inter-array cables.
    • Oil & Gas and SURF – Prysmian Group offers the petrochemicals market solutions for offshore and onshore exploration and production activities, and for hydrocarbon refining. The product range includes low and medium voltage cables, power cables, and instrumentation/control cables; special DHT (Downhole Technology) cables, which include cables to control downhole instrumentation, power cables and hydraulic fluid cables; multipurpose umbilical cables to transport energy, telecommunications, fluids and chemicals, which together with high-tech flexible pipes and ducts for offshore oil drilling, allow the Group to offer the industry a comprehensive range of SURF (Subsea Umbilical, Riser and Flowline) products and services.
    • Automotive – The Group produces standard and specialist cables for the automotive and transport industry, collaborating with the sector's leading international manufacturers.
    • Elevator – Prysmian Group produces a wide range of products for the elevator market, such as flexible connectorised cables and hoistway cables, in response to global demand for high-performance, durable and safe cables and parts.
    • Specialties and OEM – Cable systems for various specific industrial applications such as trains, aircraft, ships, port systems, cranes, mining, nuclear industry, defence and the electromedical sector.
  • Trade & Installers – Cables and systems for the trade and installers market for the wiring of buildings and distribution of electricity to or in commercial and residential buildings. Fire-resistant and low smoke halogen-free cables complete one of the widest and most comprehensive product ranges in the world.
  • Other - Products, semi-finished products and raw materials forming part of the production process, occasionally sold by Prysmian Group companies.

The Telecom business makes cable systems and connectivity products used in telecommunication networks. The product portfolio includes optical fibre, optical cables, connectivity components and accessories, OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) and copper cables.

With centres of excellence in Battipaglia (Italy), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Douvrin (France), and 5 production sites around the world, Prysmian Group is a leading manufacturer of the fundamental component of every type of optical cable: optical fibre. A wide range of optical fibres is designed and made to cater to the broadest possible spectrum of customer applications, such as single-mode, multimode and specialty fibres. The Group also has at its disposal every currently available technology for the manufacture of optical fibre, and so is able to achieve optimal solutions for the different applications.
Optical fibres are employed in the production of a wide range of standard optical cables or those specifically designed for challenging or inaccessible environments, from underground ducts to overhead electricity lines, from road and rail tunnels to gas and sewage networks.

Prysmian Group also supplies passive connectivity solutions that ensure efficient management of optical fibre within networks. Growing demand for higher bandwidth has seen the deployment of optical fibre moving closer to the end user. The Group is extremely active in this rapidly growing sector of the market, known as FTTx, where its approach is based on combining existing technologies with innovative, new solutions allowing fibres to be deployed in high-rise buildings and multi-dwelling units. Many of the cables used in FTTx systems feature Prysmian's bend-insensitive BendBrightxs optical fibre, which has been specially developed for this application.

Prysmian Group also produces a wide range of copper cables for underground and overhead cabling solutions and for both residential and commercial buildings. The product portfolio comprises cables of different capacity, including broadband xDSL cables and those designed for high transmission, low interference and electromagnetic compatibility.

The Group produces cable solutions serving communication needs in infrastructure, industry and transport for a variety of applications: cables for television and film studios, cables for rail networks such as underground cables for long-distance telecommunications, light-signalling cables and cables for track switching devices, as well as cables for mobile telecommunications antennae and for communication networks.